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Main site design completed

The WordPress section of the website is now in a presentable, fully working state. For the Coppermine header include, a static HTML version of the header needs to be created. Fortunately, the same style sheet classes can be used selectively copied over to a new file.

To do:

  • Content of Exhibiting, Contact, Links and Acknowledgements pages
  • Update picture information with dimensions, prices etc. using custom fields
  • Displaying of picture dimensions (custom field) in sidebar random image
  • IE theme compatability? / php conditional message for IE users (can probably be placed in static front page)
  • How to create a static front page

Gallery for image content

The new Coppermine-powered gallery is up and will be populated within the next two days. After it is running smoothly I will look into the CPG adaptor plugins available for WordPress.

I have (hopefully) settled on adopting the up and coming K2 theme. It is currently in a beta stage at the time of writing, but offers a lot already. It should be one of the most solid and advanced themes in existence.

I will make sure all the content is up and the basic site can be useable before customising the design and layout, though regarding gallery incorporation the two really go hand in hand.

Pages progress

Permalinks and pages sorted out.

To do:

  • horizontal navigation menu in header.php
  • install Include Page plugin to allow for static, non-looped pages
  • basic content of other pages up

WordPress-powered website created

This is the first entry for the new WordPress-powered website for Dugald Stark. First steps will involve porting and redesigning the old static website (currently linked from over to this platform. It will be an on-going project that progresses as and when I can manage it.